Create a Personalized Space for the Little Big Kid

pink-and-green-fabric-letters-k-3It’s a bittersweet moment when your little one moves on… to his or her own bedroom for now. For some, this is an easy transition when their child requests to have his or her own room. For others, it’s a little bit more of a challenge, even though they will only be 12 steps away. I remember as a child, I slept in my parents’ room till I was about 7! After hearing stories from my friends, I learned some of the techniques they used to make their kids start being more comfortable on their own. The key is to get them excited – even before the room is 100% ready. Start asking about how they want their own room to look like. What color do they want it to be? What kind of bed do they like? Which of their favorite things will be on display and more. Buy the items for the room one by one and just keep building the hype! It is good for them to see the room coming together and know that they played a big role in completing it. This all makes sense! Children get more excited when they create a visual image of their space and feel like adults when they take part in the building process. What do you think about these tips? Share your stories and advice with us!

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What’s On Your Christmas List?

I personally don’t have an actual written down list – they are all in my head. There were times when I thought, this list is something I should start in the beginning of the year. When certain situations require things I don’t have and won’t necessarily think of buying right away. Like when I crave for waffles in the morning and don’t want to go out to get it, a waffle iron would come in handy. At night when I meditate and I don’t want my music to be blaring, I imagine myself wearing a nice comfortable set of headphones. The other day I was making my all-time favorite soup and I noticed that my dutch oven could be retiring soon. But by December and people start asking me what I would like for Christmas – I am totally out of ideas! So, if you are like me who totally go blank when asked, wouldn’t you agree that we should start a journal for this? This is really something I am going to try in 2015!

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The Christmas Stocking Tradition

Hanging and filling up a Christmas stocking could be considered one of the highlights of any Holiday celebration. It’s a fun and exciting way to gather everyone around as they discover what’s in store for them. How do you pick your stuffers? Do you go for something useful, whimsical, quirky, edible, expensive, crafty or hobby-related? Stockings come in different sizes, colors, material and theme but there’s one thing for sure, it’s a time-honored tradition that kids and grown ups look forward to every year!

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Keep Your Memories Closer

People treasure memories in different ways. Some scribble on their diaries, others collect items, pictures and other memorabilia, some get tattoos and so many more unique and amazing fashion. This is because time is so valuable yet non renewable and every once in a while, we experience the most blissful, unforgettable, life changing events in our lives. Who would want to forget those moments? We hold on to these times because they are a reminder of how beautiful life is and how far we’ve come. It could be your wedding day, graduation, loss of a loved one, birth of your children, baby’s first steps or first words, your 1st business, a bestfriend, the most memorable date, all these experiences molded into you into the person that you are today.

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“November-ology” – What Do You Give to Celebrants This Month

When searching for gift ideas, we often look at the recipient’s personality and qualities. If you type in “Gift Ideas for November Birthday Celebrants” on Google, common results would suggest something that represents longevity, intensity, passion, wit, resilience and finer things in life. Topaz or Citrine would come up as their birthstone. Iconic November birthday celebrants include Marie Curie, Bram Stoker, Marie Antoinette, Maria Shriver, Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Young, Whoopi Goldberg, Prince Charles, Martin Scorsese, the list goes on and on. Do you identify? Do you think someone you know share the same traits with these famous people?

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