Kelly Ripa’s Baby Food Tips

“I think the best thing, and this is in terms of baby food that both of my kids absolutely loved, is when I would bake butternut squash with butter and then puree it in the blender,” Ripa says. “They guzzle it down. Then the great thing is, if you want to, if you have a fussy eater, and I’m lucky that neither one of my kids are fussy eaters, but if you do have a fussy eater, you can take Omega-3 fish oil for added nutrients that are so good for brain development. You throw it right in there, they never taste it, or you can also throw spinach in there, spirolina, you know, really good brain-boosting vitamin supplements right in there, into the puree, and they never taste it. And it’s so delicious. And, you can freeze it. You can put it in freezer trays and make little cubes of butternut squash frozen, so you only take out what you need for each serving. You take the cubes out and defrost them, and that’s a serving.”

Read more interview with Kelly at Celebrity Parents.

Source: Celebrity Parents

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