Cartwheels for Dominique Moceanu

Silver Plated Dumbbell Rattle
It’s safe to say that Dominique Moceanu will not be the only person doing cartwheels in her household. In her third trimester, she’s going to experience a lot of flips, twists, and turns. Moceanu, an American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist recently announced that she and her husband will welcome their first child in January. Dominique told reporters that she and her husband are excited about starting a family. It’s something that she dreamed of for a long time. With a gymnast for a mommy, baby is going to need to workout in order to keep mommy on her toes. The Silver Plated Dumbbell Rattle will be the perfect gift for this little gymnast!

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Winter Days Means Blanket Days

According to the stork forecast, there will be a lot of babies delivered this winter. Pretty soon the baby shower invitations will come pouring in. We have already heard the news about several celebrity moms that are expecting their new babies this winter. If you have a loved one that is expecting a baby this fall or winter, it’s a great time to start thinking about buying baby gifts. Shopping in the off season is the best way to find great deals. One item that winter babies are in desperate need of are baby blankets. With the sun shining, blankets are the furthest things from our minds…but, realistically, we will all face the dreaded cold of the winter season. Blissliving has a wonderful selection of baby blankets that are fit for all seasons.

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Blissliving Gift Certificates

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday, or just because? Well,there is nothing more appropriate than giving that special someone a gift certificate. New mommies love to shop online! Giving a Blissliving gift certificate gives your recipient the gift of freedom–the choice to choose whatever they want. If you are not skilled enough to choose a baby gift on your own, then a gift certificate is the perfect gift for you to give. Your special someone is sure to find a great gift from Blissliving!

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Baby Watch Is Off For Naomi Watts

Just a week ago, Naomi Watts celebrated the expected arrival of her son during her baby shower. Reporters tell us that the 15-guest baby shower was up close and personal. Naomi’s intimate baby shower was attended by Kate Hudson and other celebrities. Expected to arrive on August 2, Naomi gave birth to Alexander Pete Shreiber on Thursday. Little Alexander weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and he measured 22 1/2 inches long. Wow! Although Naomi’s baby was born a little early, he won’t need any cute baby clothes for preemie’s. He should fit size 0-3 months just perfectly.

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Celebrity Babies Learn A New Language

Apparently, being the child of a celebrity is not as easy as it looks. Celebrity babies are stalked by paparazzi while shopping with their parents, on a playdate, and even during their Gymboree classes! Well, Lifeskool developed a new tutorial designed specifically for celebrity babies to help them cope with being in their parent’s spotlight. Lifeskool TV teaches children 10 months and older how to communicate through sign language. Parents may consider setting up a kids learning area for their children to develop these new skills! Blissliving also offers several baby products to enhance your child’s learning.


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