Jack Black Diaper Bag

Jack Black now has two children so you know that he has had double the opportunity to explore diaper bags and take his pick. So, what does the “Rock Star” Dad tote? None other than Timi and Leslie of course. High quality durable leather is the fare that this celebrity dad chooses and very nice it is. The Charlie Tote Diaper Bag by Timi & Leslie is a handsome slouchy tote in leather that just wipes clean, perfect for a totally busy dad like Jack Black and his lovely wife. Pictured here in black, it is also available in light brown, teal, and red.

The Charlie Tote Diaper Bag has a removable shoulder strap, converting it from shoulder bag to adaptable messenger bag, good for dads, and contains a removable bottle tote, change pad, elasticized inner pockets, and an easy access key fob which is really essential for this bag. It is a mighty 15.5” high x 18” wide x 5” deep and needs a stalwart dad like Jack black to heft it about. But, when you have two kids, you need the baby accoutrements for both so you might as well think big when it comes to diaper bags.

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Cute Baby Gifts

You may think that is a pretty big category, but there are some really cute baby gifts that we had to make sure you saw. For something totally unique, handcrafted, and no one else will think of birth certificate tiles are just the cutest. These baby gifts are original, hand-painted designs that are heat sealed into each tile for a long lasting and high-quality finish. Each birth certificate tile is six inches by eight inches and the one that you see here is one of the baby gifts for the prince of the house.

When you order, you will give the baby’s name, date of birth, weight, length, and time of day that he was born. Then the artist will hand paint that information on to the tile. Of course, there are other styles as well that are equally adorable, like the Princess in pink, the girls and boys Stork in pink or blue, the faeries, who deliver direct, Noah’s Ark, with a bright red ribbon and animals peeking out two by two, and last, but by no means least, a Baptism Lamb Birth Certificate all in white. Because these baby gifts are custom made on order, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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Fun Personalized Wall for Kids Rooms

Oopsy Daisy Art produces hundreds of richly painted canvas kids wall art that makes the world of learning creative and fun. Jill McDonald of Oopsy Daisy Art has created a marvelous painting of the US reproduced on canvas hand stretched over wood bars. Rich colors and playful themes define the personality of each state. Looking at her work is like listening to the heart of the anthem; “Oh say can you see” USA map stretched canvas art deserves to be a part of every nursery decor for kids wall art of all ages.

With Lighthouses in Maine, red pines in California, cowboys in Texas, and horses in Montana, the “Oh say can you see” USA map stretched canvas art will take your child on a joyful journey as far as you can see. Oopsy Daisy is run by parents who understand that children are eager to explore and learn and respond to creative inspiration and stimulation. This brilliant piece of childrens wall art will not only brighten any nursery or play room, the “Oh say can you see” USA map stretched canvas art will encourage your child to touch and explore every inch of the map to make new discoveries and expand their horizons.

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Delectable Mothers Jewelry for a Wolverine Dad

What would you buy Hugh Jackman for Father’s Day? We can guess that he would buy his lovely wife Deborra-Lee a simple necklace with diamond studded baby shoes, but what would she get her undeniably hot husband? Most of the personalized jewelry is designed for the mom’s of the house and to give a hot hunky Wolverine type Dad a Heidi Klum Family Necklace just somehow does not fit the image. He needs something manly, like Julian & Co.’s 18 Karat Gold Birth Necklace for Dad. Also check out the Square Gold Birth Necklace for Dad.

This gold tag pendant carries baby hand and foot prints on the front face with the first and middle names of his children and the last name on the reverse with the date of birth or adoption. These are custom handmade mothers and fathers necklaces and are worn on your choice of a 14 karat gold ball necklace or an adjustable black leather cord. This mother’s jewelry is very fitting for a dad who wears ID tags at work .See his pride well up as he replaces his Wolverine identity with his real one, coolest Daddy ever. Just because your child is adopted does not make him or her any less yours and gives you even greater reason to celebrate their birth. Hugh can wear as many tags on his fathers / mothers necklace as he likes.

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Baby Gifts – Trains for Daddy

I can remember a very early birthday of my oldest brother’s, I must have been 2, that my father got a train set for my brother as one of his baby gifts, at least that is what he said. However, it was my father who put the hours in building complicated tracks, building all sorts of train accessories, lakes, bridges, and even creating little figurines to populate the terrain.

He was also the only one allowed to flip the switch to make these baby gifts run on their own and so it remained for quite a few years until my bother was much older. With the Which Way Junction Train Set by PlayKraft, you may be able pry Daddy away long enough to allow the children to play with these traditional baby gifts. The Which Way Junction Train Set is made of wood and has 104 pieces including cars, street signs, the train, trees, and the entire smiling population. The set measures 48 inches x 32 inches so will fit most table tops. Designed for youngsters 3 and older (plus Dads of every age), it is large enough for all the neighborhood friends to gather round and stimulate each others imaginations for hours. This is why trains sets make such popular baby gifts.

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