Celebrity Favorite Belle Baby Carriers

There is a really good reason why Celebrity Moms like Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, and of course Angelina Jolie wear Belle Baby Carriers. The ergonomic design of these carriers distributes the weight of your body on your hips, rather than on your back and shoulders, which reduces your stress and supports the proper development of your babys spine. Belle Baby Carriers, featured here in black, are also light weight and streamlined to begin with to make sure mommy, daddy, and baby are happy and stress free. These baby carriers are cool in summer and tuck away for easy access when you need them. They are also 100% US made in Colorado with organic fabrics, supported by polyester and in a full range of stylish colors. Baby can face either toward or away from you and are great for maintaining direct contact with the infant, especially allowing for discreet nursing. Celebrities always shop around for the best for their babies so you can be sure that Belle Baby Carriers are the best alternative to a baby sling for you to buy. They are designed to hold babies from 8 lbs to 30lbs, and heartily approved by a long list of celebrities.

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