Create a Personalized Space for the Little Big Kid

pink-and-green-fabric-letters-k-3It’s a bittersweet moment when your little one moves on… to his or her own bedroom for now. For some, this is an easy transition when their child requests to have his or her own room. For others, it’s a little bit more of a challenge, even though they will only be 12 steps away. I remember as a child, I slept in my parents’ room till I was about 7! After hearing stories from my friends, I learned some of the techniques they used to make their kids start being more comfortable on their own. The key is to get them excited – even before the room is 100% ready. Start asking about how they want their own room to look like. What color do they want it to be? What kind of bed do they like? Which of their favorite things will be on display and more. Buy the items for the room one by one and just keep building the hype! It is good for them to see the room coming together and know that they played a big role in completing it. This all makes sense! Children get more excited when they create a visual image of their space and feel like adults when they take part in the building process. What do you think about these tips? Share your stories and advice with us!

To start building a room just for your “little big” kid – click on these amazing  custom-made items :

Personalized 3 Line Wooden Board Puzzle

La Petite Princess Wall Hanging Personalized by Dish and Spoon

Posh Prince Crown Royal Blue Name Plaque Personalized by Dish and Spoon

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