Kids Rugs

When we were very young, we spent most of our time below knee level, fascinated by everything that creeps, crawls, was on the same level as we were. Our carpet and the dog were my play ground for hours so I know how important it is to provide welcoming, comfortable, clean, and fun kids rugs on the floor.

The Luna Orbit, made by Haba, very creative and high quality kids rugs, furniture, and toy manufacturer, is absolutely compelling to children. The bright colors and endearing shapes will entertain both your little girls and little boys for hours. Do not be surprised if you come in and fend them fast asleep on these kids rugs, snuggled up to R2D2’s kids. These thick, soft, plush 100% wool kids rugs are a good size, measuring 62.4″ x 39″ excellent for the nursery room, the kids rooms, or their activity area. I find the color scheme especially appealing because sometimes just blue or just pink can seem a little limiting and I love my to expand my childrens creativity with colorful stimuli like these kids rugs. This particular company has quite a few enchanting themes I really encourage you to look at – the kids rugs are very high quality and will last into the next generations.

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