Our New Area Rugs for Kids

As we approach the summer solistice we are excited to share with you our new kids rugs designs with hundreds of new patterns, shapes, fabrics, and art work on the rugs.  Best of all you can SAVE 12% and get free shipping over $99 for all kids rugs today.  Use the following coupon code when you check out: KIDSRUGS12. This offer expires soon so order today!

Checkout BlissLiving.com for all sorts of summer warm color designs such as the flower and butterfly rug and the Surfs Up rug featured above. We have children’s rugs that are critically acclaimed in round and rectangular and special shaped designs such as the giant Butterfly rug featured below. Our nursery rugs are the perfect decor item to enrich your newborn’s bedroom.

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Kids Room Decor Tip Section Launched

Today we preview our newest tip and advice section on helping you with selecting the perfect Kids Room Decor. Read our interior designers’ opinions on choosing the right combination of kids rugs, wall art such as personalized growth charts, wall mural banners and shelves, along with the right bedding and lighting that will make your child’s room a marvel of modern theme designs. Studies show that having a strong theme design not only increases the beauty of a room but also increases their confidence and happiness on a subtle level. Plus having the right set of kids room decor that is loving and bright will increase their curiosity and ability to learn through these important early years.

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Rocking Chairs are Essential for Kids Room Decor

When I was a little girl, I was so proud when I received my very own kid sized rocking chair, that I carried it everywhere, when the family sat together, to have my own special place. I even put it under the dining room table, at the end, to watch TV because I was in the middle of everything and yet out of the way. Kids rocking chairs are their comfort zone, place of belonging, in the family circle and are decorative enhancements to not only kids room decor, but the entire household as well. And, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. I happen to be partial to the themes and quality that Guidecraft provide as seen here with the Safari Rocking Chairs by Guidecraft. The clever use of the zebra stripes and giraffe spots will engage boys and girls in their own Safari. These rocking chairs are hand carved, painted, and sturdily constructed for the enjoyment of kids of all ages. If the Safari Rocking Chairs simply does not coordinate with the kids room decor, then perhaps the Butterfly, the Pirate, or the Prince and Princess themes, to name a few, are a better match.

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Transform the Practical into Magical Kids Room Decor

Shopping for kids room decor is one of the favorite activities that new parents love to do. Because baby is still on the way and cannot tell you what color she prefers, you have the opportunity to reach into your own creativity and imagination and design kids room decor that is full of whimsy, fun, and beauty, just the way that you would like to have it.

A very successful way to do that is to transform the practical elements like chairs, tables, lights, and book cases into fully themed components of your design, as well as incorporate growth charts into the art that you place on the walls. One of the most popular designs is this beauty, My Japanese Garden Canvas Growth Chart, by Oopsy Daisy Kids Wall Art. Canvas growth charts are a popular element in wall art for kids room decor because they provide color and lovely designs to stimulate the creativity of children as well as the practical element of counting and comprehending the numbers charted on the art. Canvas growth charts are very durable because they are a specially processed printing of original art work on museum quality canvas that just wipes clean, after the curious exploration of the tiny fingers children.

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Finishing Touches for the Nursery Room Decor

Sometimes all you need to put the finishing touches on your nursery decor are little touches of personalization so that the warmth of the heart and imagination are included in the safe and nurturing environment that you have provided for your child. Nursery room decor being such a subjective action, you want to make sure that what you have created will suit baby.

Wooden hanging letters could be just the touch you are looking for in your nursery room decor. In either upper or lower case, you can choose a single letter to represent the name of your baby and hang it over the head of the bed or on the bedroom door for a quaint and personal touch to the nursery room decor. You can also add to the letters for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and other special occasions until you spell the entire name of your baby. This is a wonderful option because by the time that baby is ready to spell he will have his entire name spelled out so that he can learn his letters and the nursery room decor becomes a living work of art. Another option is to start with his initials and then add on.

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