Nursery Decor Sale

Save 10% on all kids room decor and nursery decor at Bliss Living.  Use this coupon code when checking out: decor10.  Choose from thousands of unique designs.  Decorate your children’s rooms with our complete collection of nursery decor and kids room decor from kids wall art to kids rugs, from bedding to toy chests we have it all.  Our unique designs are created from designers specializing in kids rooms.  For example our Oopsy Daisy Wall Art and Kootie Bug Wall Art offer you hand personalized kids wall art paintings and personalized growth charts that are replicas of gorgeous whimsical paintings made just for kids!  Each piece is hand personalized by our artists with your child’s name. Many parents have orders a few for their child’s bedroom, and more for their kids play room and nursery to fill out various walls.

Our childrens rugs are the perfect floor decoration for your child’s room.  Choose from all sorts of exciting designs such as dinosaurs, space rockets, faeries, mermaids and hundreds more in different shapes and sizes made of popular materials such as the shaggy nylon feel that is durable and stain resistant.

For little ones we have beautiful moses baskets, crib bedding, nursery bedding sets and more.  Our moses baskets are hand woven and made with high quality interwoven wood with a soft inner sanctum cushion designed to match nursery room decor.

We have tons of great wall shelves, toy chests and other well designed storage units. Our steeping stools have a secret compartment for storage plus we have different themes such as our popular Major League Baseball designs with your favorite team’s decals.  Our wooden toy chests are roomy, durable and made of high finished quality wood.

We have your lighting covered with our unique kids table lamps, floor lamps, and children’s night lights. Choose from various vintage designs such as choo choo train and little monkeys for the kids night lights.  We have simple chandeliers up to the elaborate designs, same for our floor lamps.

Whether you have a boy or girl or if you are not sure yet if you are pregnant, we have the full spectrum of nursery decor all the way up to young childrens kids room decor.  Shop today.

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Launch of 100 Tips To Help You Find the Perfect Christmas Gift For Mom and Baby in 2009

Blissliving is proud to launch over 100 tips and advice on how to find the perfect Christmas Gifts and other topics of interest to moms and babies. We will be showcasing different sections over this 12 part series. One of those sections is the Kids Wall Art tips section covering topics that include the different types of kids art including personalized canvas wall paintings, personalized canvas growth charts, peelable and reusable wall decals and stickers, wooden hanging letters, framed hanging letters, personalized wall hanging banners, personalized name plaques, personalized wall plates, picture frames, and decorative wall shelves. There are tips on decorations. There are tips on featured designers such as Oopsy Daisy Art, Kootie Bug, and Sherri Blum Designs. Come check them out today.

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Finishing Touches for the Nursery Room Decor

Sometimes all you need to put the finishing touches on your nursery decor are little touches of personalization so that the warmth of the heart and imagination are included in the safe and nurturing environment that you have provided for your child. Nursery room decor being such a subjective action, you want to make sure that what you have created will suit baby.

Wooden hanging letters could be just the touch you are looking for in your nursery room decor. In either upper or lower case, you can choose a single letter to represent the name of your baby and hang it over the head of the bed or on the bedroom door for a quaint and personal touch to the nursery room decor. You can also add to the letters for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and other special occasions until you spell the entire name of your baby. This is a wonderful option because by the time that baby is ready to spell he will have his entire name spelled out so that he can learn his letters and the nursery room decor becomes a living work of art. Another option is to start with his initials and then add on.

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Kids Wall Art

Sheri Blum is one of the fastest rising kids wall art designers. Her beautiful original artwork has captured the attention of Hollywood Celebrities like the “Once Upon a Time Storybook” canvas kids wall art in lavender, which reads: “Once upon a time there lived a princess named….”

This lovely sample of Sherri Blum Designs kids wall art is a Giclee, high quality reproduction on museum quality canvas of an original art work. It is a brilliant process because it is virtually impossible to distinguish between the original and the Giclee, The colors are just as brilliant and each brush stroke is intact, with one tiny little detail that makes all the difference in your nursery room decor and your child’s happiness. Whereas original artwork is hung in galleries and hidden from damaging UV rays, Sherri Blums kids wall art is available and within reach of delicate little fingers tracing the letters of her name hand painted onto her storybook and caress the roses in her garden and the turrets of her castle. Mom, all you have to do is wipe it clean again.

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Wall Art for Kids

Wall art for kids is a pretty broad category with so many artists now enjoying creating wonderful works of art and whimsy just for the specific reason of enchanting them with color and shapes, helping them discover their own creativity and appreciated the world around them. Today, wall art for kids covers canvas wall art, kids growth charts, peel and place stickers, hanging letters, and personalized tiles.

With hanging tiles and letters, the children delight in creating their own message and creative arrangement of letters that can spell their name above their bed, or create a forest by their closet. It is important that kids get involved with the artistic process because it is their creative imaginations that will make them the poets, prophets, and politicians of the future. The “Our World’ canvas mural banner wall art for kids from Oopsy Daisy takes children on their own journey around the world and opens their eyes and hearts to the unlimited possibilities that their future holds. Meanwhile, Sherri Blum reminds the children that they are all Princes and Princesses with her Little Princess and Brave Prince wall art for kids and the kids growth charts march alongside your child encouraging them to touch and explore and get involved with their own growth.

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