Shaggy Raggy Printed Floral Rug

Having the right floor decor is critical to making sure you have the perfect flow to the theme of your child’s room. That is why picking out the right kids rugs are so important to that goal. When selecting children’s rugs be sure to look at the fabric of the rug, you want something durable yet colorful enough to match your theme. Durability is important since these kids area rugs are in high traffic locations such as the middle or front of your child’s room near the door or by the crib. They will be stepped on by many adults as well, from you to grandparents, friends and other family. This is especially true if you decide to put some of these rugs for kids in their play room as well.

You also want a durable yet slip resistant underside to the rugs. The underside is often overlooked by parents because the main focus is on the top. However, having a slip resistant bottom is very important to safety. You do not want a fun time to turn into a time of stress if the rug does not stay in place. Many rugs are stable on carpet but hard wood floor is another story. At, our kids rugs are all slip resistant on the bottom and stay resistant and slip resistant on top.

There are the plush high density thread count and lower density ones. Higher density gives a more solid feel where as lower density makes the rug feel more like tall grass swaying the wind. This of course also depends on the size of each thread. A very popular form is the large thread that makes the kids rug extra soft and able to absord a fall better. This is seen in the image above of our Shaggy Raggy Printed Floral Shag Rug. Made of refined cotton jersey and have large high piles you can choose between 2.8 feet by 4.8 feet or 4.7 feet by 7.7 feet. This Shaggy Raggy rug features an innovative design with pink dots on a bone white background and weaving piles that creates an unique look. It is perfect nursery floor decor for your little girl’s rooms. We also have shaggy raggy rugs for boys’ rooms as well.

At BlissLiving we have over 700 kids rug designs for you too chose from. From our exciting new Shaggy Raggy rugs to whimsical rugs with cartoonish fishes, animals or even rocket ships woven in. Most of rugs have larger sizes as well so can you use them as the centerpieces for your child’s room floor. You can select larger sizes on the drop down menu. You save up to 40% on the larger sizes per square foot as well. Our great variety ensures you will find the perfect childrens rugs or nursery rugs for children’s rooms. Get free shipping for your rug orders over $99, enter coupon code: kidsrugsfreeship, this is an exclusive offer on this blog.

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