Earning a Reward + Gift

ID-100141894ID-100132741At a young age, I was fortunate enough to be taught that if you want something you have to work to get it. Toys, clothes, an hour of TV time, ice cream, accessories and so on. Of course, it wasn’t like that all the time. But simple tasks like cleaning up my toys, doing my homework, helping with little things at home earned me the things that I wanted the most. I remember wanting (and daydreaming about) a special bracelet. My mom made it clear that it’s going to cost a bit more money than usual to get it. So I sold pastries, cookies and lemonade for two summers in order to save at least half of what it costs (that was the deal we made). I could not wait to wear it and show it off to my friends. My mom saw how hard I worked to get my share covered and one afternoon, she surprised me with it! She was so proud and pleased and excited! I felt the same! Nothing beats the feeling of getting something that’s both a reward and a gift!

Check out our precious collection of bracelets and necklaces for your little ones! We’re sure they would put away toys as eagerly, make their bed as early, and maybe help with the laundry as much as possible.


Newborns, Toddlers and New Moms

This year has definitely seen it’s fair share of precious newborns, cute little one-year old’s and glowing moms with their baby bumps! Personally, I know about a dozen in my circle who has announced a new bun in the oven, birth of a new baby and celebrated 1st year birthdays! I was receiving invitations in the mail mail and through social media almost every month! While I love to attend each and every gathering, thinking of what to bring to celebrate such a wonderful milestone could get overwhelming. Gift registries are always helpful but not everyone chooses to sort through the list. When this happens, some items are duplicated (not always a bad thing), hence the need for gift receipts. But don’t get me wrong – I am a firm believer of the saying – it is the thought that counts, when it comes to gift giving.

If you are looking for a gift for a toddler celebrating his or her birthday or something to bring to a baby shower, check out our selection of personalized gifts. They may not be in the gift registry, but they sure are unique and memorable!

It’s Halloween Time

Halloween is one of the fastest-growing consumer holidays in the country. From costumes, to spooky and fun decorations, to candy, consumers are definitely shelling out money as they prepare for this yearly event for all ages. According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween will be celebrated in record numbers in 2014, with a total estimated spending of $7.4 billion. WOW!

By now you must have passed by houses with life-like, hair-raising props. Some keep it cute and festive with giant smiley jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, black cats and witch hats. Not only are Halloween decorations great for designing your homes, they are also great gift ideas. Knock on your new neighbor’s door with a pumpkin basket full of goodies or give a personalized mug set to friends who just got a new place at this time of year. For more Halloween decoration and personalized gift ideas, check out our treats (no tricks!) below: